Explode Your Life With The Benefits
Of Soul Reading!

One of the most important benefits of Soul Reading is alignment with the Law Of Attraction.

The benefits of Soul Reading are threefold. It aligns you with the Law Of Attraction. It clarifies your purpose. It increases your tonal vibration to positivity.

For some, the Law of Attraction seems elusive. No matter how hard they focus, no matter how diligent they are in giving thanks to the Universe...for EVERYTHING...good, or bad. No matter how often they seek to connect, things just seem to standstill.

It becomes discouraging when God seems to turn his back on your best efforts to manifest Love, happiness, health, or financial increase.

Cindy Fontaine (36) seemed at that same impasse six months ago. She said, "I was struggling with the Law Of Attraction. I wanted so much to have good health. I wanted so much to manifest an income where I could provide a decent future for my two children. 

I read from two different devotionals. I prayed without ceasing. I was intentional with my kindness, and I was generous with helping others financially. I felt good about myself. I was becoming more of a heartfelt person everyday...but I just wasn't manifesting the financial increase I wanted.

A friend told me that she'd gone through the same experience, and it exhausted her. She said things changed only when she signed up online for a personalized Soul Reading, and found unconscious blockages were holding her back.

Two weeks later, she discovered an untapped niche creating eBooks for small businesses in her town, Salem Oregon, and was now making close to $400 per day!

I was stunned. I didn't even know she had a business background. When she explained she'd only gotten her AA degree (Family Studies) in junior college, which had no bearing on business, whatsoever, you could have knocked me over with a feather.

I had nothing to lose. I went home and signed up for the Soul Reading program, and I have never looked back.

Things did not happen right off the bat. That's not how the Law Of Attraction works.

I was led to a company that helped you establish an online presence with easy-to-create websites, and was then led to an affiliate marketing program that helped me average $200 per day for the first four months.

I learned a lot, and now, a year later, I have tripled my income to $600 per day. I am very happy. The Law Of Attraction worked for me because I did not give up when things looked bleakest.

The benefits of Soul Reading gave me everything I could have imagined."

Clarity Of Your Life's Purpose Is One Of The 
Important Benefits Of Soul Reading

Getting clarity on your Life's purpose is one of the important benefits of Soul Reading.

Has the speed and confusion of life, today, disconnected you from your true self? Do you feel pulled by obligations, expectations of others, or have you become mired in drama?

One of the most important benefits of Soul Reading is the ability to strictly pinpoint your Life's purpose.

Sara Nash (41) is a member of Unity Church of Sedona. She is also an Emergency Room nurse. She said, "I've been an RN for 20 years. I have a good job. I have a nice husband and family. Yet, for some reason, I started feeling like there was more of me that needed to come out.

At first, I thought it was a creative need, since I used to draw a lot in college, and I was good at it. I started up again, and received tremendous support from my husband, kids, and friends...but something was missing.

I attended a presentation on Soul Reading at a friend's church. She told me she had purchased an online program, and the study course opened her eyes to her true calling. It helped her clarify her Life's purpose.

A light came on! That's exactly what I needed. Something to define exactly what my purpose in Life was. I felt like I was right on the edge...I was in a helping profession, which I loved, and I was back creating with my art, which really brought me happiness.

That evening, I went home and checked out the online program. I figured if this was a college course at NAU, up in Flagstaff, it would cost me about $450.

This was much, much less. Plus, I would not have to drive that dangerous, twisty State Road 89A, to and from campus.

I made a schedule for study, and really put myself into learning all I could about the results of my own Soul Reading. As the weeks went by, I began to see Life with a much broader perspective.

My hospital started a program where they would pay for our education if we wanted to pursue an MA in Counseling/Mental Health. I signed up!

Instead of feeling like I'd taken on one more responsibility, I felt like I was improving my own life, as well as those around me.

I felt so much happier, and I'm not a negative person at all. My husband said I looked prettier. My kids said their friends all love me. I got promoted at my job, with a $10,000 pay increase, and my art was being displayed in galleries down in Prescott.

During the next 2-1/2 years, I continued to review all of the materials in my Soul Reading course, and I always found something new to help with the upswing in my life.

I received my Counseling MA from Northern Arizona University.

It was then the thunderbolt hit. I was offered a job as an art therapist, at double my nursing salary! This was no ordinary art therapy, though. I would be working in a women's shelter, sketching pictures of the residents functioning in a variety of positive experiences. It was a completely new, cutting-edge, kind of therapy.

I would get to combine my new counseling skills, with my experience as an RN, and, also, present several residents personalized pictures of themselves leading functional lives, based on what they shared with me in a 2-hour session.

It was a dream job. My heart explodes with gratitude and happiness, everyday. 

The benefits of Soul Reading, as they relate to finding your Life's purpose are real."

Enhanced Positivity Is One Of The Far-Reaching
Benefits Of Soul Reading

A significant boost in positivity is one of the critical benefits of Soul Reading.

Increased positivity is one of the most pronounced benefits of Soul Reading that you will experience in a short amount of time.

Do you feel discouraged and almost depressed when you think of your finances? Has dating left you feeling hopeless about finding Love, or a forever partner? Is it upsetting to see yourself in the mirror after your shower? Do you worry about being so overweight that you will contract Type 2 diabetes, or congestive heart failure?

All of the above are legitimate feelings...especially when you are being hammered from all sides with what we define as "Life", right now.

Fortunately, the self-directed intervention of a Soul Reading will do a lot to quell this type of anxiety. 


Because as you become more centered with your own spirit, you will be guided to more functional mindsets, and habits.

Judy Eseltyn (38) was an office manager for a small accounting firm in Clearwater FL. She said, "I had been struggling on several fronts since my divorce three years before. I felt limited in my career advancement. I was only making $43,000 in my position, and I wasn't about to see any huge raises coming in the future.

I was not meeting any quality men on the online dating apps I subscribed to. Many of them were broke, lacked a college education, or were crude in their behavior.

And, to top things off, I was so discouraged that I had let myself go, physically. I didn't exercise. I was eating way to many carbs. I was putting on fat, and my A1C (blood sugar) was now at Pre-diabetic level.

The people I found myself hanging out with drank too much, complained A LOT, and blamed everything that happened to them on the first thing they could find.

I was drowning in negative energy. I needed someone to throw me a lifeline...and quickly!

I ran into an old friend of mine at Pier 60, one evening. She looked great...and happy. I commented on her fitness and how her personality seemed different. It was like Diana was an even better version of her delightful self.

Long story short, she told me she'd had some tough years, but became re-centered after she went through a Soul Reading course, online.

We talked for two hours, and I could not believe how she had reframed so many upsetting experiences. She now had a fiancé, and worked from home on her laptop. Plus, she had lost 25 lbs and looked like a fitness model.

She gave me the name of the site that helped her so much, and I made a beeline to my computer the minute I got home.

All of the products were digital, meaning I could download them immediately, and came with a complete money-back guarantee. I had nothing to lose, and a new life to gain.

I purchased the Soul Reading, and several of the inexpensive extensions. The material was so novel, and interesting, I found myself curled up in bed, reading on my iPad device until 4:00am on Saturday morning!

I followed the suggestions to the letter. I worked hard to be consistent in my mindset and my outlook.

About 6-7 weeks later, I noticed a huge shift taking place. The most notable was that I was being approached in the grocery, or even the parking lot of places like Home Depot, by very upbeat women. They asked simple things, like directions to a certain part of the store, but they were complimentary of my smile and personality. 

I ended up meeting several of them for lunch at different times, and now I have four new friends who are supportive, uplifting, and talk about how we can become even better people.

I started reading about the incredible weight-loss results from eating a Keto diet, and started that lifestyle for myself. In six months, I had lost 30 lbs! 

Everyday, I walked in the morning and the evening, plus I swung a kettlebell and did push-ups and bar hangs at McKay Playfield city park. 

The more trim I became, the more quality men I started meeting on Match, and my other dating app.

Through all of this, I would review my PDF eBooks on Soul Reading.

The clincher came when the Universe led me to my own little home-based business. I had started another online course called The Tao Of Rich, and it deepened my mindset to align even more with the Law Of Attraction.

From here, I was guided to start a small writing business that now nets be $4000 per month! Not only do I make a nice profit, from very little work, but since I am a business owner, I have a HUGE amount of legal tax write-offs.

Yes, it took me over a year to reach that profit level, but now, as I become more well-known, I am receiving more bids for my services. I figure that I will net almost double of that, once I 'retire' from my position at the accounting firm.

I know now that chance meeting with my old friend was directed by the Universe. I had been faithful in my commitment to becoming a better person in all areas of my life when Soul Reading was introduced to me.

I am now living proof of the benefits of Soul Reading bringing positive change into my life."

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