Feeling Discouraged With The
Law Of Attraction

We have all felt discouraged with the Law Of Attraction. However, it is still working to bring you the desires of your heart.

Day 27 Of The Law Of Attraction

Feeling discouraged with the Law Of Attraction happens to all of us. It seems like nothing is working, and God has turned his back on our prayers and requests.

And as for you, brothers and sisters, never tire of doing
is good. (2 Thessalonians 3:13 ~ NIV)

It seems to make things worse when we hear well-meaning practitioners of the Law Of Attraction tell us how "effortless" it is to become a magnet for wealth.

We do our best to think positive thoughts, imagine our life when we have more money, but nothing is happening.

I think what gets us discouraged is when we start "keeping score."

By that, I mean we start looking around for evidence that the Law Of Attraction is working for us...that God and the Universe are sending us riches, and that all of our money problems will be cleared up in a few days.

When we start looking for stuff showing up around us to confirm we are on the Law Of Attraction spiritual path, we set ourselves up to be frustrated.

The Law Of Attraction Is A Process

The Law Of Attraction is a spiritual process. It is NOT magic. There is a huge difference.

A process develops through stages. They may be seamless, or they may be distinct, but growth is not immediate even when God accelerates it for us.

Also, the Law Of Attraction is NOT about a "money drop" on your front porch. You keys to personal wealth will come through God sending the right people, ideas, or events into your life. You must commit to moving your feet when you feel God nudge you.

The Law Of Attraction Is About Feelings

Your feelings send out the vibrational frequencies to attract people, ideas, or events that are attuned to your frequencies.

The first indication that the Law Of Attraction is working is when you notice yourself start feeling better.

This is a manifestation. When you notice you feel better about facing the day, that more affirming people are coming into your life, that you feel great about giving, that better situations are showing up...this is your evidence that the Law Of Attraction is working.

Feeling Discouraged With The
Law Of Attraction

When I am feeling discouraged because the Law Of Attraction does not seem to be working, I fall back on three fundamental areas:

First...Gratitude. I start thanking God for all of the good things about my life that I can think of. My eyes so that I can see, my lungs and muscles so I can workout hard, the beautiful place where I live. It can go on and on. I finish with thanking Him for all the goodness coming to me in the future.

Second...Forgiveness. I always come back to what Marianne Williamson said, "If you are blocked in one area of your life, it means you have an 'unforgiveness' in another area."

As difficult as it is, you have to ask God to reveal to you the area which is unhealed and the people or circumstance that is hindering your advancement.

Third...Be the best you can be. I know it is hard to act positive when your prayers and desires seem like they are stuck in "pause," but this is the exact time you have to be intentional.

I like what Joel Osteen said in his book, Break Out!..."This is the time to switch over to faith. Get in agreement with God. Say to yourself, 'This may be unfair, but I know God goes before me to make the crooked places straight.'"

Feeling discouraged with the Law Of Attraction is part of everyone's path I have ever talked with. The steps we take to get us back on a positive direction, burn away the obstacles and make us stronger for the path ahead.

Day 27 Of The Law Of Attraction
Leave 1 Dollar

I chose to leave one dollar in the small lending library box in Gulfport.

Since I was over in Gulfport, taking picture, I figured it would be a great idea to leave a dollar in their small Lending Library box down by the casino.

A lot of retirees live in this sleepy little town. I want this dollar to be a surprise to an older stranger...and start them on their own accelerated path to be more prosperous.

Day 27 Of The Law Of Attraction
Blessings Received

Day 27 Of The Law Of Attraction was cloudy and overcast, yet there were still people out at the beach and on their boats.

Today, I was able to send my daughter $90 to pay for a special pregnancy pillow she needed. I am thankful I have the funds to do something like that without thinking.

I am no different from you. My path on the Law Of Attraction has not been in a straight line toward instant riches.

Feeling discouraged with the Law Of Attraction is part of it, I think. I tell myself that it is God's way of drawing us closer to Him. There are no accidents in the Universe.

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