Become A Blessing To Others 

You become a blessing to others by giving them Hope, encouragement, validation, and praying for them.

Becoming A Blessing To Others
And The Law Of Attraction 

Become a blessing to others. The easiest way to generate blessings in your own life is by becoming a blessing to all who cross your path in Life. The goodness you extend to others will be returned to you in many forms. Leave1Dollar is just a very simple approach to do this in a financial way.

Sadly, too many people think becoming a blessing means extreme sacrifice. They make poor decisions by emptying their savings accounts for irresponsible family members, friends, or bogus charities.

Or they become enmeshed in toxic, co-dependent relationships with manipulative people who empty their spirits.

This is NOT what the Universe wants for you. You becoming financially or spiritually impoverished in a misguided attempt to "save"someone else does not serve them, it does not serve God, and it certainly does not serve you. 

When you work to become a blessing to others, you are not working to become a martyr, a victim, or an ATM machine.

You chose to become a blessing in order to uplift those around you, but you uplift yourself in the process. 

Yes, you can bless others through financial contributions...but you can also do it by your intention to meet people and situations with grace, humility, and kindness.

A smile, a nod, a light touch all have the power to change the energy another person is experiencing. You can become a blessing simply by validating others. You do NOT have to carry them emotionally or financially.

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Sally Jefferies (61) attends Unity Church of Sedona. A freelance travel writer, she had this story to tell. "For years, I thought because I made so much money through both my magazine articles and my online site, that I felt guilty when family or friends would come to me with their sad financial stories.

They would even make me feel worse because after they would lament about their current debt situation, they'd say something like, 'I wish God had blessed me with the wonderful talents he gave you' or 'It must be nice not to be ordinary. God really shined on you.'

I was truly thankful to God for all that he had given to me. I practiced gratitude continually throughout the day. My career did not start with checks pouring into my mailbox, but I stayed focused and trusted the talent God gave me with words. 

Things improved by Year 4, and I was making close to $75,000. I was beyond happy with the Universe. I believed in the Law Of Attraction, and knew all of my practice at it was finally bearing fruit. 

However, there were several years when I made over $125,000 but 'helped out' others with close to $35,000. I barely could cover my taxes each year. My checking account rarely had over a $1000 in it. 

I wanted to get a better MacBook Pro laptop, and a new iPad Pro to increase my productivity, but I put those purchases off for three years because I felt too anxious about going into my savings account. 

Things finally started making sense when I began seeing a counselor. During our second session, she stopped my sharing and said, 'You sincerely want to become a blessing to others, but all they want is an ATM machine. These people are toxic to your spirit, that's why you are having such financial anxiety.

You got where you are by putting one foot in front of the other, and doing the things most writers do not want to do. I know you went through some very lean years, yet you never wavered in your devotion to seeing how good you could actually be.

You did the hard work. You kept at it when you thought God did not hear your prayers. You worked hard at your craft, and you treated others with kindness and grace.'

She was absolutely right.

Never once did I connect the dots that these people made disastrous purchasing choices, wasted money on many things they rarely used, and did not establish any kind of budget, much less a savings and investing plan.

It took another year to establish firm boundaries, and allow these people to vibrate out of my life. It was not easy at all, especially when I had to put up with their attacks accusing me of being utterly selfish, and not living my life as Jesus would.

My counselor helped me see that the best way for me to become a blessing was to pray each day for these people, want the absolute best for them, and thank God for leading them out of my life.

In the past year, I have now had so many quality people come into my life. These new people are positive and uplifting. They do not ask for anything. The energy I receive from them is validating  and full of light.

And they tell me I have become a blessing in their life!"

"Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others." (Philippians 2:4 ~ ESV) 

Become A Blessing With Your Life

Become a blessing with your life.

Everyone of us has been hurt in some way. We have all had some incident that put holes in our heart that have been hard to mend. 

It doesn't have to stay this way, though. We can dig our way out of pain, guilt, regrets, and poor choices.

One of the best ways to do this is through extending ourselves to others.

Be a people builder. Look for opportunities to encourage others to bring out the best in them.~ (Joel Osteen)

Patti Henry (63) is a retired nurse who attends Unity Of Clearwater church. She said, "I made some poor relationship choices when I was in my 20's and 30's. I lost a significant amount of my savings by funding start-up money to men I wanted to love me. I let this affect my 40's and 50's.

I wasted two decades just trudging through life. I didn't save like I knew I should have. I did not contribute to my 401K, nor my self-directed IRA.

I spent money on giving the appearance of 'having a blast,' when I really wasn't. I went on expensive trips by myself, or sometimes took a guy, who I really wasn't interested in.

Yes, I visited some beautiful places, but I came back feeling worse about myself and situation, instead of finding a way out of my discouragement and depression.

Things turned around, astronomically, when I was 57.

I made the decision that I was going to learn all I could about investing. Maybe it was Too Little - Too Late, but I was going to give it a shot. I was running out of runway as I approached 60.

I had heard on a podcast from a young man named Sean Croxton, that you could become an expert in your field in three years, if you just read one hour per day in your chosen area.

I knew I could do this. I had to!

I knew the Universe was guiding me. I believed in the Law Of Attraction whole-heartedly...mainly because of all of the negative nonsense I had previously attracted into my life.

I went to Amazon and purchased 'Financially Stupid People Are Everywhere -- Don't Be One Of Them!'. This was my start.

Everyday I would read. It was just like going to the gym. I knew if I didn't do it, I wouldn't survive my Golden Years.

I was reading a book about every 8-9 days. I took extensive notes. I reviewed my notes. No much made sense to me, but I had faith God would guide me.

It never entered my head that I could become a blessing to anyone else. I just didn't want to end up old and poor.

After a while, I caught on. Things really became real clear when I purchased another book by Jason Kelly, called 'The 3% Signal'. That's the one that vaulted me ahead.

In that book, everything made exact sense, and the investment strategy was so easy to implement. My 401K exploded! The Universe put me right in the middle of the biggest bull market yet.

In essence, I had become a blessing to myself.

A friend asked me if I would come to her Singles Survival class that she taught at her high school. She wanted me to speak to the girls about the need to learn all you can about saving and investing.

I had never done anything like this, but I was having so much success with the Law Of Attraction, that I figured the Universe would guide me. And it did.

I went to her class, and told the girls my story. I told them about all my poor choices, and how I dug my way out of financial quicksand. I urged them to start gaining knowledge RIGHT NOW about saving and investing. I wanted them to understand that if I could do it, so could they.

It meant so much to me when my friend forwarded me a thank you notes from one of the senior girls in the class.

It said, 'You have become a blessing to me.' "

You Become A Blessing When You Become

Life can be hard. You become a blessing to others when you are genuine and sincere with your kindness.

Life can be hard. You become a blessing to others when you are genuine and sincere with your kindness.

Anyone who is going through something tough, like a break-up, losing their job, or finding out they have a serious medical problem is sensitive with raw feelings.

They can sense when compassion is forced or phony. All this does is harm them even more.

Be sincere in your thoughts, words, and actions.

You become a healing agent when you come to others from your own highest good. When you are sincere and unselfish, spirits readily connect, and healing actually comes to both of you.

Become A Blessing By Praying For Others

Everybody has been deeply hurt by Life. You become a blessing to others when you extend healing words, prayers, and actions.

Prayer is the most powerful force we have at our disposal. No other resource even comes close when it comes to rising above negative situations, and heading in a life-affirming direction.

When we pray for others, something always happens. Prayer is never a waste.

When we pray for others, we get to contribute to God's goodness manifesting in their soul. He does the heavy lifting, but we chipped in.

We become a blessing in the most quiet, and least intrusive way possible.

Right now, there are people you know who are fighting regrets of their past, or experiencing deep fear about the future. Their hearts are broken, and their spirits are dimming.

Somewhere, they are sitting alone, feeling isolated and small. They are in need of healing energy.

You can give this to them through prayer. 

Your prayer does not have to be flowery or full of religious overtones. It doesn't need to contain a bunch of 'Thees' and 'Thous'.  Just talk to God as you would a close friend or a counselor. Tell Him you know of someone in need who could use the strength of His spirit and His hand on their shoulder.

God hears your sincerity. God hears your desire to have His sunlight infuse their spirit. He will come into the situation is a way known only to Him, with an outcome known only to Him.

Gary Collins in head football coach at a high school in Montana. He related this story.

"One time, I stopped in a convenience store on the way home from practice to get some eggs. I happened to glance across the street to the city park, and saw a young lady, probably just out of college, weeping at the end of a bench.

She looked heartbroken and all alone. I wanted to help her. I kept getting visuals of my own daughter in a distraught experience, like that. I even got visuals of both my wife and my Mom going through that kind of grieving. 

It was paralyzing.

I didn't want to frighten her, and I didn't want to say the wrong thing if I did go over there. I had no idea what to do.

In my stupor, something on the ground caught me eye. It was part of a pamphlet caught in the gravel of the parking lot. At the top it said, 'Prayer Works!'

I couldn't believe it. Here was an answer that would help both of us.

I just closed my eyes for a few seconds and asked God if he'd send Jesus or an angel to sit beside her and help her cry. I asked that He strengthen her spirit, and help erase her hurt and fears. I also asked Him to help me pray for her over the next few days.

That visual would pop into my thoughts many times over the next two weeks, but each time, I closed my eyes for a second and thanked God for looking out for her, and I hoped she was healing.

That was a few years ago. Every now and then, she pops into my thoughts, and I will ask God to continue protecting her.

I confided in my pastor about this, and told him that my own life had actually gotten hugely better through doing this. I told him I was now doing it with a lot of people including my wife and daughter.

He smiled and said, 'Gary you are being blessed because you have become a blessing.'

I had never thought of myself in those terms before, but it sounds real good."

Key Points For You To Become A Blessing
To Others

You become a blessing to others by demonstrating kindness, being unselfish, being sincere, and uplifting another's spirit.

I think all of us want to see ourselves as a blessing to others. To me, the best way to do this is to focus on becoming the best version of yourself.

You can do this by following a few easy guidelines. Certainly, there are more you can add to this list, but concentrating on just a few of these key points will help you become a blessing to others.

1. Make "Kindness" the foundation of all your interactions.
2. Just listen. Don't give advice.
3. Learn all you can about Emotional Intelligence.
4. Be sincere in your words and actions.
5. Be unselfish. Extend help without expectations of repayment.
6. Pray for others.

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