Action And The Law Of Attraction

The Law Of attraction is all about taking personal action. You cannot daydream wealth into your life.

Results Are Only Achieved With
Personal Action

Action and The Law Of Attraction is the most misunderstood concept in manifesting wealth. Results only happen when you take inspired action and move your feet.

The idea that you can lay on your couch and meditate about checks, or packs of money showing up in your mailbox, is just plain irresponsible. It is a misguided perception that has shipwrecked thousands of people with dreams of financial increase.

This article is directed only for those who are ready to commit to their part while practicing the Law Of Attraction. It is a combination of our focus and energy (actions) that attract people, situations, ideas, and circumstances to us so that we can achieve the goals we set.

Janet Watson (55), a writer who lives in Pinetop AZ said, "If you want to nurture a thriving spirit, if you want to live a grounded life, if you want to create an income where you have the freedom to follow the flow of your interests, then you simply must take personal action.

In a sometimes harsh world, the Universe calls on us to do the hard work necessary to elevate our attraction of limitless good.

We cannot change things until we take bold steps to change ourselves.

Personal, dedicated action and the Law Of Attraction are fused for success. When we align ourselves with the basic spiritual principles of gratitude, being the best version of ourselves, and putting in he hard work, our lives and fortunes change dramatically."

** The key to money manifestation is correcting your perspective on money with the right mindset. This $7 course, which costs about the same as a Starbucks latte, has helped tens of thousands of everyday people to increase their financial attraction.

Lazy people are soon poor; hard workers get rich.
(Proverbs 10:4 ~ NLT)

God/The Universe will guide you to the opportunity to create whatever is needed to vastly increase your financial situation, but you have to put in the work once it is presented.

True, it will be something you thoroughly writing songs or singing them, starting a money-making home business, or getting a great job in the industry you always dreamed about...but, whatever it is, it will take some initiative and personal action on your part.

The Law Of Attraction requires energy on your part. You have to move your feet to keep heading toward your goals.

Visualizing rainbows of gold raining large coins down on you is pure fantasy. The Law Of Attraction means you will draw incredible ideas, and  opportunities into your life. However, in order to develop those ideas or grab those opportunities, you must engage with focused action.

Dreaming of financial rainbows and playing background Southwest flute music while you lie on a soft yoga mat is delusional. 

Sherry Wilkerson PhD, is a full professor in a Pacific Northwest university. She teaches a popular class on integrating spiritual/metaphysical concepts into your life.

She said, "Each semester my students are shocked that they will have to do the same amount of work as in a hard-sciences class. For some reason, personal action and the Law Of Attraction sounds like conflicting approaches to them.

Somehow, the Law Of Attraction has become this airy-fairy plaything that functions solely on dreamy thoughts of magic sugar plumbs dancing in your head.

When Jesus showed the fishermen how casting their nets on the other side of the boat would bring them huge abundance, they had all kinds of trouble hauling those nets back into the boat. 

They were filled with fish and they weighed a ton. Yet in order for the fishermen to realize their riches, they had to bust some muscle getting those bloated nets over the gunwales. This wasn't a 5-minute project. They each had to lean into the task with all they had.

Focused action and the Law Of Attraction go hand-in-hand."

Action And The Law Of Attraction

It is foolish to think huge sums of money will magically appear in your mailbox without any effort on your part. Personal action must be blended with your faith in manifesting wealth.

We hear what we want to hear, and that was never more evident than in the months following the release of the movie, The Secret.

In March 2006, when Rhonda Byrne's film hit mainstream, there was a massive upsurge in excitement about calling in wealth. Home prices were accelerating at warp speed, and were just hitting their peak.

The subprime mortgage rate bubble burst in early 2007, and the United States went into a two-year recession. (Although most individuals were still feeling the effects through 2010.)

Tens of thousands of people saw the Law Of Attraction as a painless way out of financial nightmare.

All across the America, meet-up groups formed to harness the power of The Secret. Guided meditations were conducted in churches, resort ballrooms, and even on dedicated cruises. Self-appointed "gurus" explained the "secret of The Secret" in these venues...and charged huge amounts of money to do so.

By the end of 2008, the majority of people who had viewed The Secret or read the book, came away frustrated, disillusioned, and even angry...because millions of dollars did not magically appear in their mailboxes.

Brent Edwards (36) runs his own business out of his home. He is a ClickBank and Amazon Affiliate. He said, "I was just starting out in real estate when The Secret came out. I had just graduated from ASU and was intent on setting the housing market on fire. Little did I know that it was peaking the same time as I was.

I went to a seminar centering on The Secret in October of 2007, I think. Fortunately, I was given a free ticket by a friend. To get in the door, they were charging close $250!

That floored me. There must have been 300 people in that hotel ballroom. My first thought was, 'This isn't a seminar, it a retirement plan!'

I was pretty turned-off to most of the presentation. It built on people's fears and comforted them with some spiritual mumbo-jumbo. The presenters seemed insincere, more like hucksters in business suits. It was hard to keep an open mind.

However...and this is a big however...the movie really hit home with me. What I took away from that meeting was that I could direct my path to financial increase by staying positive and focused. 

Let me tell you, it was real hard. My dream of being a real estate investor was drying up in the Phoenix heat. I took a job as a sales person in a sporting goods store, just to have some income. I moved back in with my parents.

The basic tenants of The Secret never left me, though. I worked hard at being the most positive and understanding person I could be. I kept an open mind in all conversations. 

By some sort of guidance from the Universe, I became good friends with these other two guys who worked there. They were poor athletes, and had graduated with some nerdy computer degrees, but they were two of the most accepting guys I'd ever met.

They were starting their own websites to sell products online. I didn't know much about this.

They found out I could write pretty well, so they had me create a few pages of content for them, and they paid me, like $50 bucks for 1000 or so words.

It was not fun work because I had to research some subjects (gaming) I had zero interest in, but along the way, I learned how to build a website.

One thing led to another, and pretty soon I launched my own fitness and nutrition site.

I had hardly any success. I made, like, $300 my first year. It jumped to $500 the next.

Through it all, I kept at it. I focused on becoming the best marketer I could, even though I wanted to focus on the money. It was hard. It was discouraging.

I blessed all of my traffic, and gave thanks when I made a $24 sale on ClickBank. 

I was on the SiteSell Forums all the time, trying to pickup some new piece of information that would generate more traffic. 

Then, the Universe blessed me, I found two small nuggets of SEO that catapulted my traffic. All of a sudden, I was making $25o dollars PER DAY with my ClickBank products. That jumped up to $700 dollars per day...and lasted almost the entire year.

I couldn't believe it. Neither could my parents. They'd watched me come home a pound on the computer after work, most nights.

It took almost 2-1/2 years of not giving up, of believing the Universe had something cool coming my way, of reading and learning all I could about creating good content, but it all paid off.

Action and the Law Of Attraction cannot be separated. You cannot get something (a lot of money!) for nothing (just dreaming about it). 

Do not fall into the trap of wishing, but not acting. The energy that fuels the Law Of Attraction is you taking action...and being open to the people and events that will be placed in your path."

Action And The Law Of Attraction - Missing Pieces

When you take action, doing activities that you truly love, the Law Of Attraction brings even more abundance to you.

For many, The Secret did not come through like they thought it would.

However, there were many people who actually thrived...and were lifted from financial hardship to overwhelming riches. (Rhonda Byrne was one of them.)

What set this segment of the population completely away from the ones that decried the Law Of Attraction as a bunch of hogwash?

**They heard two things that all the others did not:**

(1) Your opportunity for wealth will come from God/The Universe in the form of  the right people coming into your life...creative ideas coming to you...or directed events to provide you insight.

(2) You must take action when God nudges you through one of  these channels.

You call in your wealth through intentional prayer, having faith in the Law Of Attraction process, giving more (Love, appreciation, validation, praise, encouragement, support) than you receive, and being grateful for all of God's blessings and protection throughout the day.

You receive your wealth by moving your feet and embracing the opportunity 100%.

But someone will say, "You have faith; I have deeds." Show me your faith without deeds, and I will show you my faith
my deeds. (James 2:18 ~ NIV)

The old saying, "You can't get something for nothing" was proven over and over by both the people who went nowhere with the Law Of Attraction...and by the people who extended themselves in a certain direction, and became incredibly wealthy.

The Law Of Attraction worked perfectly for both segments of the population. They each attracted what was in their hearts at that time.

Action And The Law Of Attraction
You Have The Advantage

Action and the Law Of Attraction go hand in hand.

You have a huge advantage over those that applied the Law Of Attraction in a superficial way.

You now know two of the big reasons why they never found success or the riches they dreamed of.

You now will have the fortitude to take action when God puts the person/idea/event in front of you.

You will work on becoming the best person you can be.

You will have a far deeper purpose for creating wealth in your life, instead of  just for bailing you out of financial messes.

I wish you all of the prosperity God has stored up for you. I know you will use your increase to uplift others.

I know you see the connection between personal action and the Law Of Attraction.

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