The Law Of Attraction 
And Unrealistic Expectations

The Law Of Attraction will not work with unrealistic expectations.

The Law Of Attraction and unrealistic expectations coexist with frequency. This is especially seen when an increase in wealth is desired. It was highly amplified in 2006 when housing prices peaked in the United States, and the explosive success of The Secret happened concurrently.

When the housing bubble burst, those who made bad decisions with their purchases or investments saw Rhonda Byrne's extraordinary movie as a simple solution for their pain.

Sadly, their clarity on such a sensitive spiritual paradigm was badly skewed, and millions of people missed a tremendous opportunity to enhance their spirituality...and their financial situation.

All they wanted was money. Lots of money. And, to be pulled out of the fire, as quickly and painlessly as possible.

They had no thought of developing a closer relationship with God/The Universe, or becoming a blessing to aid in the uplifting of others along the way.

Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things.
(Colossions 3:2 ~ NIT)

The Law Of Attraction
And Unrealistic Expectations

It is unrealistic to expect gold coins to fall from the sky when seeking increase through the Law Of Attraction.

The Law Of Attraction is built on the foundation of belief in a Higher Power, faith, gratitude for all circumstances, and personal action when the opportunity for wealth presents itself.

What it is NOT built on is...
*magical thinking
*immediate manifestation
*believing YOU are the center of everything
*a failure to express thanks
*getting something for nothing
*a lack of personal action 

Unrealistic expectations occur when people see the Law Of Attraction as some woo-woo gimmick that can be used to generate money with a few good thoughts.

This is not how it works. When you make a decision to follow a solid spiritual pathway, you are committing yourself to God's Will/The Will of The Universe. 

God's Will is always good...He wants the best for us in all areas of our lives...but He wants to make sure we will be dependent on him (having Faith that He will come through.)

Faith is not built in a few hours or a few days of visualizing an increase in your life. It is built over time, usually a protracted length of time, during which nothing seems to be working.

I once read a bookmark that said, "Faith isn't faith until there is nothing left to hold onto." I think that sums things up pretty accurately.

I can tell you that in establishing my own Internet business, I started in 2002, but did not make big money ( $500 bucks a day) until 2011. And, that only lasted about half the year before my rankings got throttled by guys stealing my content, Google's algorithmic updates named "Penguin" and "Panda," and the emergence of Kindle ebooks.

By the end of July, in 2011, I was down to making about $120 dollars a day. I felt discouraged and defeated. Even my girlfriend, at the time, wondered if I'd always be this worthless.(Her 27-year old son was making over $2000 per day...from his rented bedroom.)

I had nothing but Faith to hold onto, but it worked. 

The idea that you can daydream/visualize checks coming into your mailbox, your bank account expanding exponentially, or sack loads of money showing up on your front porch are all products of the Law Of Attraction and unrealistic expectations.

I forced myself to move my feet and reinvent my business. You, too, must commit to personal action everyday if you want to achieve the goals you are thinking about.

Unrealistic Expectations
And The Law Of Attraction

There will be times when you think God is not listening and nothing is working. Your faith will see you through.

Challenges to your faith and perseverance will present themselves when you begin to visualize a better life for with more love, wealth, and goodness.

The Enemy will do everything in its power to discourage you from digging deep. The Law Of Attraction is simple, but continuing to believe in something you cannot see, will take every ounce of your focus.

Wallace Wattles, in his great book, The Science Of Getting Rich, said, "To think according to appearance is easy; to think truth regardless of appearances is laborious, and requires the expenditure of more power than any other work man is called upon to perform."

There is no labor from which most people shrink as they do from that of sustained and consecutive thought; it is the hardest work in the world. ~ Wallace Wattles

When you reach a plateau, or worse...a closed will have to reevaluate something in your belief system, your attitude, or even your profit model. 

God/The Universe will nudge you in the right direction, one you may not wish to go because it will mean even more focused thought and energy for taking action...but the payoff will be enormous.

Your expectations, however, must be realistic. You must be aware that you will be called upon to exhibit more tenacity and focus than you ever have had in your life. 

The Law Of Attraction and unrealistic expectations are a collision that can be avoided.

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