Leaving Money On A Walk

Leaving money on park benches and in bus stops is easy to do on a walk.

Leaving money on a walk is one of my favorite things to do in the morning. I usually leave a dollar in several different places. Today I used $5 bills.

I took a day off from both running and the gym. I am looking forward to a trip out West, and will leave in just a few days. I wanted to take some time for prayer and reflection while I walked.

I feel so grateful just to be healthy and alive. I know that may sound trite, but I just found out one of friends here in the condos has cancer lesions on his brain, and may only have a week to live.

Another friend has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. 

Both of these guys are a few years younger than me. It is difficult to understand. I was hoping if I walked, I'd be out in Nature and closer to God. Leaving the little rolled-up $5 dollar bills would help me feel like I was contributing some goodness in the midst of all the discouragement I was feeling.

I know how the Law Of Attraction is supposed to work, how I am supposed to "Let go and let God"...but it was a struggle today.

Leaving Money On A Walk

Leaving money on a walk was a good way to feel a little better about the circumstances surrounding my friends.

I have been leaving $5 dollar bills the past couple of months. Since I have been making more money with my online business, I felt like I could increase my strategy of leaving a dollar.

I am thankful that my Internet home business is becoming a lot more profitable. I am hoping that all of you, who read this, will begin something of your own.

Leaving Money On A Walk

Bus stops are a great place to leave money on a walk.

Heading west from my condo, I knew my first drop would be at the bus stop for the General Hospital. Everyday, dedicated people give their time and energy to help those who are in helpless situations.

I know many of them of exhausted from the stress of having every movement documented, as well as extending their spirit to all.

I am hoping that I can bring a little bit of happiness to the person God chooses to experience it.

I continued around the corner to the IHOP. Normally, I will have breakfast in here, and work on notes for an upcoming post on one of my websites, but I knew I could not concentrate this morning.

My prayers seemed jumbled, and it was like I was completely out of touch with talking to God. I knew He heard me, but I felt totally disconnected from Him.

I put one of the little rolled bills between the slats in the seat of this bench. I hoped it would brighten the day of the person who found it.

I always pass the park on my walks. These benches are a great place to eave money.

My final stop on my walk was a bench at the park near my home. I know many senior people sit here to read, or just watch others pass by. I hoped one would find my rolled-up $5 bill, and it would bless them throughout the day.

Thank you for staying with me, today. I know this was not one of my most uplifting posts, but I am hoping it shows you that I go through rough spots, just like you.

I know God will guide me out of them, when He feels I have learned the lesson I needed to.

Leaving money on a walk was one of the ways I chose to take action against The Enemy trying to diminish my spirit.

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