Day 4 Of The Law Of Attraction

Day 4 of the Law of Attraction. God wants to give you favor.Day 4 of the Law of Attraction. God wants to give us favor.

I will give you hidden treasures, riches stored in
secret places
(Isaiah 45:3 ~ NIV)

God Wants To Give You Favor

Day 4 of the Law of Attraction was cold, crisp, and rich in sunshine. On such a beautiful day, it is easy to feel like God's favor is accelerating.

The foundation of  the Law of Attraction is deep belief...having faith that the Universe knows where to take you. It's like Joel Osteen says, "Know that God has you in the palm of his hand."

My self-talk comes much more easily. I find myself saying things like, "Thank you God for the wonderful blessings You have given me up to today...for the help when I was brokenhearted...for the strength when things seemed so bleak. I know You have even better things for me in my future."

God wants you prosperous. He wants you blessed. He wants both you and me to achieve the wealth of our dreams. God wants to give us riches like He gave to those in the Bible.

Days like this truly make me feel alive when I take a walk after working out. I know that when I work hard to be a blessing to all I come in contact with, God works hard to create blessings for me.

Day 4 Of The Law Of Attraction
Leave 1 Dollar

Day 4 of the Law of Attraction. I am thankful to live in such a beautiful place.

God's favor surrounds me because I live in such a beautiful area. There was nobody out here, this morning, except me and one other gentleman.

Day 4 of the Law Of Attraction. It is easy to be thankful when you are in the beauty of Nature.

I could tell he was giving thanks, too. Being out in Nature makes it real easy to become prayerful.

Day 4 of the Law of Attraction. I chose the IHOP to leave 1 dollar.

It was pretty windy after the sun came up, so I decided to walk over to IHOP instead of eating on the beach. I love their Colorado Omelet, and they always give me a huge serving of sliced tomatoes.

This is a great place to leave my dollar. People enjoy being here, and the stranger who finds the little tube, will feel even more happiness.

Day 4 Of The Law Of Attraction - Blessings Received

Then I told them about how the gracious hand of God had been on me...(Nehemiah 2:18 ~ NLT)

Two great things happened today.

The first was finding out that it will be a lot cheaper to fly to see my daughter than drive. It looks like I will save close to $300.

Secondly, my brother called and said he'd take me to dinner if I went to see a movie with him. I hadn't heard form him in a week.

God wants to give you favor. It will come in small doses at first, because He wants to see you build spiritual maturity (stay consistent in your faith that you will be richly blessed.)

He wants to know that we will be grateful for small blessings, so that He can give us even larger ones.

Wealth takes many forms when you call in the Law of Attraction.

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