Day 26 Of The Law Of Attraction

Work hard to create good feelings in all situations. The vibration of your feelings act as a magnet to attract more of the same.

Good Feelings Attract More Good Into Your Life

Day 26 Of The Law Of Attraction. Good feelings attract more good into your life. Whatever you are feeling acts as a magnet to attract more of the same to you.

My people have been lost sheep; their shepherds have led them astray and caused them to roam on the mountains.
(Jeremiah 50:6 ~ NIV)

In her audio CD, The Power, Rhonda Byrne puts it best when she says, "Everything has a frequency - everything. But the real name of your frequency is what you are feeling. And whatever you are feeling is bringing everything into your life that is on a similar frequency as you."

If you truly want to Law Of Attraction to bring you wealth, in all areas of your life, you must do the work necessary to create good feelings throughout the day.

However, this is so much easier to read and discuss, than to do. It requires discipline in your thoughts and discipline in your words. It requires discipline in the type of people you choose to hang around.

Everyday, life gives us situations for our growth. I know I struggle with patience, so I work very hard on the words I say to myself when I am delayed.

Two of the places where many of us find ourselves being overcome with anxious or negative feelings are in the checkout line, and in traffic.

Traffic is one of the the most important places where you want to discipline your thoughts and actions. It takes a great deal of prayer for me to do it well.

When you feel happy...and work to maintain that happy feeling... more happy people and happy circumstances are attracted into your life.

But when you are feeling stressed and give into this negative feeling, you begin to attract more delays, obstacles, and stressful situations into your path.

Once these negative feelings take hold, it is very difficult to turn them around because more negative things are coming into your life, and you start believing in them.

My friend, Donna Evans, from my Unity Church said, "It took awhile for me to believe that good feelings attract more good into your life. I have always been impatient about wanting to get what I want. It's no different with money. I wanted a better house and a newer car...and I wanted it to happen 3 minutes ago.

I could be real spiritual for about the first few minutes of an hour, then my mind would take-off with a lot of negative thoughts about this being a bunch of hocus-pocus, and I would be working a dead-end job for the rest of my life.

When you are already 42, that's real scary.

I worked hard on my thoughts, and little by little, things started turning around. I found the best thing I could do was to be grateful for any little bit of sunshine that came into my life. 

I found out that the more I did this, the more little blessings came into my life. Finally, MORE MONEY started coming in. My good feelings attracted more good into my life.

A friend I had not heard from in 8 years called me out of the blue and said she had her own business going and needed help fast. She said if I could start in a a week, she could pay me $15 dollars MORE an hour than I was making on the job I had. Do you think I jumped at making an extra $120 bucks a day?"

Make it a goal to do whatever work is necessary to capture good feelings and hold onto them throughout the day.

I have spent a lot of prayer time on this. I still do not do it perfectly, but it has gotten much better.

Good feelings attract more good into your life. It is well worth the energy to send out the right vibrations.

For God is working in you, giving you the desire and the power to do what pleases him.  (Philippians 2:13, ~ NLT)

Day 26 Of The Law Of Attraction
Leave 1 Dollar

I chose Branes & Noble to leave a dollar bill. There are a lot of great places for a stranger to be surprised by finding it.

I enjoy spending a few hours, after I workout, at Barnes & Noble on Saturdays when there is not good beach weather. This is where I chose to leave a dollar.

There are a great many hiding places that would surprise a stranger. Who would think of finding a rolled-up dollar bill on top of a new fiction hardback?

Truthfully, giving provides one of the greatest feelings you can ever have.

Day 26 Of The Law Of Attraction
Blessings Received

Even though this week has been cloudy and overcast, I still give thanks for living in such a beautiful place.

I continue to receive great ideas for my internet home business. I know they will help my other sites profit tremendously.

I still cannot get over the fact that the anesthesiologist's group said they would dismiss all of the charges for a procedure, that my insurance would not cover. This will save me close to $3000.

This is how the Law Of Attraction works to increase your wealth. I will use that money to make a profitable investment.

All of this helps to amplify the happy feelings within me. It just proves that good feelings attract more good things into your life.

I know this will work for you, too. This is Day 26 Of The Law Of Attraction challenge and it is going very well.

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