Day 2 Of The Law Of Attraction

Day 2 of the Law Of Attraction using my Leave 1 Dollar strategy.

Leave 1 Dollar

The blessing of the LORD brings wealth, and he adds
no trouble to it. (Proverbs 10:22 ~ NIV)

Day 2 of the Law of Attraction was cool, crisp, and sunny. A perfect Florida day. God took away the cloudy skies and gave us beauty in their place.

It was great to wake up early, and not hear rain hitting my windows. I had fallen asleep listening to a great subliminal MP3 download on my iPad called, The God Experience.

Those MP3 albums have been one of the best investments I have ever made in myself...and they only cost 99 cents.

To top things off, this is a rest day from my CrossFit workouts, so I was looking forward to a relaxing day of being outdoors, getting breakfast at the beach, and reading from a Kindle book called, The Bible And The Law Of Attraction out in the sunshine.

As you can see, my early morning walk (don't need to run on an off day) provided me with a visual blessing that few locations can top.

Day 2 Of The Law Of Attraction

The LORD your God will make you abundantly prosperous
in all the work of your hand...(Deuteronomy 30:9 ~ ESV)

Before I left for a walk by the yacht basin, I had already thought about where I would leave 1 dollar for this second day.

There is a bus stop right in front of the General Hospital, and it caters to all of the medical personnel who give so unselfishly throughout the night.

I have met some of the nicest people, there, when I walked to breakfast at the IHOP. Even though they are tired, and their day is ending when the sun has already come up, they have always been uplifting and gracious.

Nurses, techs, aides, orderlies...they all have something beneficial to offer. All of us need a kind word and a sincere smile to help us through the day, and the medical staff at the hospital has always been generous to me with their kindness.

Being blessed, like that, helps you see the kind of person you need to be.

Jane Seacrest is a friend, and a nurse. She said, "I'm following this same strategy for circulating goodness attached to money. I've made it a point to leave a dollar at bus stops, also. I believe in the Law Of Attraction, and I have complete faith that this will change my life to one of more abundance. 

Actually, I have already seen it happen. I had two repairs on my air conditioner. The technician I called was young guy trying to get his own (1-man) company off the ground. He did my repairs, charged me $700 LESS than the lowest estimate I got, then came back to check his work four weeks later. 

I could not be more happy.

I leave dollars at bus stops because it seems like it would be a wonderful surprise for someone to find before their day gets started. I know how good I would feel if I found a prayer wishing me a better life, wrapped up in a dollar bill.

The Law Of Attraction works. It may not happen with an immediate reward, and it may come packaged a bit differently than you expect, but the Universe will definitely balance out an exchange of goodness.

I'm reading a book called 'Dollars Flow To Me Easily' by Richard Dotts. It puts me into the perfect mindset for focusing my energy on the Law Of Attraction."

Day 2 of the Law of Attraction using my Leave 1 Dollar method. This bus stop was the perfect place.

I was fortunate that the bus stop was empty. I sat on the bench facing us, and wedged my little dollar tube in between the slats on the back.

It gives me a great feeling each time I do this. I am sure it is the same for you.

Day 2 Of The Law Of Attraction - New Blessings

When I got back home, I saw I had a notification from my medical insurance about a health procedure I'd had back on February 5th. The total bill was $1000 dollars even, but my responsibility was $0. Nada. Nothing.

The insurance covered the whole procedure.

How can you not be grateful when God protects your finances so strongly?

God wants us to live abundantly...not in poverty. God wants to bless us with financial resources so that we can extend this same goodness to others.

The idea that you have to "get" a million dollars from the Universe before you believe in the Law of Attraction in completely skewed.

To me, saving a $1000 bucks is just as helpful. Now, I can use some of that money to purchase a video camcorder for my daughter who is pregnant with her first baby.

(Actually, I used 99 cents from that huge savings to purchase a MP3 subliminal download called, Sleep Learning - Wealth and Abundance. )

It is because of these kind of blessings that I feel like I am the most fortunate guy on the planet. I know God has even more favor ahead of me, and that makes me look forward to waking up tomorrow.

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