Day 19 Of The Law Of Attraction

All of us have been hurt by someone we thought would love us. It can be confusing and dibilitating. Forgiveness is the key to open your heart again.

Forgiveness Opens Your Heart

Guard your heart above all else,  for it determines the
of your life. (Proverbs 4:23 ~ NLT)

Day 19 of the Law Of Attraction. You will attract to you what sits in your heart. Many unfair things happen in life, and they can cause bitterness and a closed heart. Forgiveness opens your heart.

A closed heart, one that is hardened around a particular hurtful incident, can bring a lifetime of unhappiness.

We all have something like this in our past. An unwanted divorce, an unfair firing from a job, a year in the classroom of a teacher who destroyed our spirit, we were betrayed by someone who was supposed to love us...

These incidents tug at every fear, and feeling of abandonment from our childhood. Their power to haunt us seems overwhelming.

If you have something like this secretly dragging you down, the key is forgiveness.

As unlikely as it seems, forgiveness is NOT to set the other person free from what they did to you...but to set YOU free from what they did.

In order for the Law Of Attraction to work, you must open the channel, and that starts in your heart.

Perhaps the best way, is to ask God to help you. This is what I have done.

I said something like, "God, I truly need your help. I never wanted this ____ to happen, and it has torn me up. I will never be any good to me, or You, because this has been so hurtful. Please show me how to forgive ____ and lead a better life. Please take the pain, bitterness, and thoughts of revenge from me, and fill that empty space with Love."

Just being willing to forgive is a huge first step. Just saying, "God I do not know how to forgive, please teach me. I am willing to see this differently" accelerates your healing and opens the channel to receive blessings.

Forgiveness opens your heart so the Law Of Attraction can work without restraint.

Day 19 Of The Law Of Attraction
Leave 1 Dollar

I chose Walgreen's to Leave 1 Dollar on Day 19 Of The Law Of Attraction.

I chose Walgreen's to leave one dollar. This store gets a lot of foot traffic, especially young mothers who stop in for a quick package of diapers or baby shampoo.

It gives me a great feeling to prepare a dollar bill for one of these first time mothers. I know the blessing will go from her, to her child, and beyond.

Day 19 Of The Law Of Attraction
Blessings Received

It started out as a wet, rainy morning. However, nothing challenging lasts forever, and it cleared up to be a nicer day.

I made a start on a new website that I expect to be very profitable in about eight months. It would be great for it to add another $200/day to my home business.

When I stopped into the grocery after visiting with a new woman I just met, I found the turkey pot roast went on sale an hour before I expected it to. I am always thankful for these small blessings. They all add up to increase my financial freedom.

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