Day 15 Of The Law Of Attraction

Create Good Feelings - Create Love

The LORD God gives me the right words to encourage the weary. Each morning he awakens me eager to learn his teaching; (Isaiah 50:4 ~ CEV)

Day 15 Of The Law Of Attraction. Feelings control the vibrations you send out into the Universe. When you use thoughts and words to create good feelings, you increase the attraction of nice experiences.

I have been listening to Rhonda Byrne's The Power audiobook in my truck. She is very clear about two fundamental aspects of the Law of Attraction...

First, words are powerful. What you say to yourself and to others carries heavy spiritual weight. It is words that create feelings, and it is feelings that send out the vibrations for what you will attract in your life.

The creation of good feelings, in yourself and in others opens the door to increase positive events and circumstances coming into your life.

Secondly, gratitude is the great multiplier. When you are thankful for each moment, when you tell God you recognize the smallest blessings in your day, you not only increase, but you accelerate the amount of goodness returning to you.

When you make it a goal to validate and appreciate others, when you make it a goal to speak to yourself with kindness, when you make it a goal to give thanks throughout the create Love in the best possible way.

The Lord made the heavens, and everything in them
by his word. (Psalm 33:6 ~ CEV)

Day 15 Of The Law Of Attraction
Leave 1 Dollar

I chose to leave one dollar at the mani downtown bus station on Day 15 of The Law of Attraction.

I chose to leave one dollar at the main bus station. There is a lot of activity, here.

People are anxious about making it to their destination on time. Many of them have to plan a couple of hours ahead. There is a lot of "waiting" in their lives.

It is easy to find places to leave a rolled up dollar bill to bless someone with a positive surprise for their day.

Many of the passengers are seniors. Several hours of riding buses can be tiring. I just want to be a small blessing in a stranger's life.

Day 15 Of The Law Of Attraction
Blessings Received

It was a foggy morning on the beach. Day 15 of the Law of Attraction. Leave 1 Dollar.

It was really foggy, this morning. If you are not disciplined in your thoughts, you can allow a day like this to start you reflecting on regrets, unfair experiences, and negative events in your past.

Rhonda Byrne discusses this in detail in her The Power CD set.

My morning was very good. After my workout, the chiropractor said he wanted to add some treatment, since he is learning a new method of breaking up deep scar tissue.

I have had close to 20 minutes added to my session, yet he still charges me only $45 dollars. I bet I am saving  $45 - $50 with this low rate for his services.

Afterward, when I went to the gas station, I found I was getting an extra mile-and-a-half per gallon. I have no idea why my truck is running so efficiently all of a sudden. There has been no freeway driving, it has all been around town.

I am certainly grateful for these savings, plus, I know my online business will be a lot more profitable when my new site gets found by the search engines.

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