Day 12 Of The Law Of Attraction

God wants to give you all the wealth you deserve.

God Promises You Riches

The blessing of the LORD brings wealth, without
painful toil for it. (Proverbs 10:22 ~ NIV)

Day 12 Of The Law Of Attraction. God promises riches to those that follow his commands. What could be easier?

All through the Bible, we are given guidance about how to receive God's promises: treat others the way you wish to be treated, help those less fortunate, extend kindness and Love in each encounter, keep the Ten Commandments, give thanks for God's blessings.

If you go about each minute of each day striving to be the best person you can be, and being thankful for the blessings that come all through that day...your life will change immensely.

So many people see God as a stern, authoritative figure with a gavel in His hand...waiting only to condemn another slacking sinner to a lifetime of lack, and emotional pain.

With that kind of energy being put out to the Universe, is it any wonder those people attract to themselves only more of the same?

God is a good God. He loves us dearly.

God is our Heavenly Father, and as a father He wants only the best for His children. Sure, we will displease Him at times, but God instantly forgives us. His discipline comes when we fail to forgive ourselves, and stay mired in our own mess.

The Law Of Attraction does NOT fail. It will bring to you that which vibrates with the energy you are putting out.

When you change your thoughts to those of gratitude and grace for others, your life will begin to change. Better people will come into your life, better circumstances will come into your life, and better ideas and opportunities for wealth will come into your life.

God wants to see you happy, rich, and in perfect health...but you have to do your part by being the best person you can be.

Complaining about your job, complaining about debt, complaining about your spouse...all these activities do is keep you frustrated and exhausted. When you close off your heart, you close off the pathway for God's riches to flow to you.

If you are struggling, take a few minutes and ask God to help you find a better path. Ask Him to guide your thoughts, words, and actions for just the next hour. Give thanks to Him for hearing your request.

God's Promises for you are all good.

Day 12 Of The Law Of Attraction
Leave 1 Dollar

This beautiful waterfront park was where I chose to leave 1 dollar on Day 12 Of The Law Of Attraction.

I chose to leave 1 dollar at one of the many parks along the waterfront. There are plenty of benches where people stop to enjoy the peacefulness and quiet in this downtown area.

This was a pretty cool hiding place for me to leave 1 dollar.

It was pretty easy to slide one of my little dollar tubes into the area where the bench arm connects to the seat planks. It is small enough to be concealed, but familiar enough to warrant an investigation by a stranger needing to be blessed.

God will guide the perfect person to find it. There are no accidents in the Universe.

Day 12 Of The Law Of Attraction
Blessings Received

A beutiful view into the North Yacht Basin. The Law Of Attraction works.

May he grant you your heart’s desire and fulfill
all your plans
(Psalm 20:4 ~ ESV)

What a beautiful view from my bench in the park. I am so thankful to have the time and opportunity to witness this at my age.

I had a great workout at my CrossFit gym, talked to the owner of a Southwest Indian art store along Beach Drive, and was able to donate $20 to some little Brownies selling Girl Scout Cookies.

When I got back to my truck, I found I had a message from the main library, telling me the copy of Rhonda Byrne's audio CD, The Power, that I requested, had come in.

I know the ideas I get from listening to this set will increase my finances substantially. I was pretty jacked up during the 10-minute drive to get there.

God promises us riches. We just have to be open to receiving them. It is easy to be thankful for His blessings.

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