Day 11 Of The Law Of Attraction

The Law Of Attraction is all about receiving ideas and opportunities. God's Plan includes you doing some work, for which there will be much reward.

God's Plan For You Is Centered On Ideas
And Opportunities

But you shall remember the LORD your God, for it is He who is giving you power to make wealth.
(Deuteronomy 8:18 ~ NAS)

Day 11 Of The Law Of Attraction. Ideas and opportunities are the way God brings favor to you. His Plan requires action on your part. Leave 1 Dollar is just a start.

And a "start" is all it is.

All my simple method does is open the door for the circulation of money in your life. The idea that just by giving some money away, a greater abundance of it will automatically fall out of the sky is completely off base.

This is where churches fail their congregations. Sermons asking you to tithe even when you are going "give until it hurts" do a great disservice to their membership.

Yes, giving...of both money, and our time and a part of God's Plan, but living in poverty is not.

If giving were the only way to gain wealth on God's Earth, why isn't everybody in church rich?

When you give unselfishly, when you stay focused on God's promises, when you treat others the way Jesus treated everyone, when you give thanks for the blessings you experience throughout the day...God will present you with ideas and opportunities to significantly increase your wealth.

NOT sacks of money...ideas and opportunities.

As the Scripture above states: He is giving you the power to make wealth. Not lounge on the couch and expect the FedEx guy to deliver some anonymous bags of gold coins.

In my own experiences, God provided me with the idea to start an online business that generates excellent money. He also presented me with a huge opportunity to invest the money I made selling my tract home in 2008, when the rest of the economy was crumbling.

I have definitely been blessed, but I know it happened because I moved my feet in accordance to God's path for me.

The Law of Attraction is all about action...both mental and physical. God loves us, and he gives us the power to make wealth.

For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith
without works is dead also. James 2:26 ~ KJV)

Day 11 Of The Law Of Attraction
Leave 1 Dollar

I chose to Leave 1 Dollar at the Salvation Army Store. There are great places to hide a dollar bill.

I chose the Salvation Army Store to leave one dollar. There are all kinds of great places to hide a dollar bill.

I went in there to purchase some sweatshirts to leave for the homeless guys at the park, downtown. I plan to use this place a lot more. There are all kinds of vases, decorative jars, music boxes, make-up name hide a dollar bill.

I may start taking a couple dollars in there when I buy more sweatshirts.

Day 11 Of The Law Of Attraction
Blessings Received

I am thankful to eat at iHOP. I receive many great ideas there.

While eating breakfast at IHOP, this morning, I got the opportunity to promote Dr Joe Vitale's Law Of Attraction Practitioner Certification course.

Is this something everyone on the path must have? Certainly not.

But for those who want a more solid connection with The Law, or think they may want to present it in future community meetings, (or meet-up groups) it is a goldmine.

I have seen other companies charge close to $500 for a home study course in The Law Of Attraction. Dr Vitale charges less than fifty.

I am thankful I have the time, opportunity and money to eat breakfast at IHOP, and I am thankful for the ideas I receive when I am there.

I'm sure it works the same for you.

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